Could a detox tea homemade be the YOUR best option to detox and lose weight?

We are living at a time where many people are weight conscious but time poor.

The problem is that most of us rarely have the time to go to the gym or cook meals that require lots of preparation or cooking time.

In between work and raising kids, we are left with very few hours to take care of ourselves.

As the years pass by our weight and waistlines slowly but surely increase and our health and fitness goes down.

Let’s face it, we all want a better body; a flatter tummy and thinner thighs, but it’s hard to lose weight.

Our busy lifestyles limit how many hours we have spare.

We simply can’t do it all.

CAN A detox tea (homemade) HELP YOU Lose weight?

  • Detox tea helps to flush out toxins, boost metabolism and increase energy.
  • Detox teas are used as substitutes for other drinks.
  • Replacing coffee and sodas with a homemade detox tea will greatly benefit your health.
  • You consume less calories and processed ingredients when replacing soda for a detox tea.
  • It will give you the kick start you need to take more positive action.
You can use a detox tea that is homemade, just like the one recommended in the Red Tea Detox program.

The detox tea recipe is homemade sing ingredients that are available at your supermarket.

Have you got to the point where you are:

  • Feeling toxic
  • Unhealthy
  • Have a bloated belly
  • Tired
  • And put on weight around you middle?

If you answerEd YES to any of the above a detox tea can help you

Processed snacks, sodas and fast food chains are some of the main causes of excess weight.

In the rush of our day to day lives we may find that we have developed some bad eating habits that have majorly contributed to our expanding waistlines and declining health.

If you are looking to cut down on your fast food intake or curb your unhealthy cravings, you should consider including a natural detox tea.

Do detox teas really work?

Detox tea assists your body in getting rid of toxic waste and aids your digestive system specifically the liver and kidneys, to function better.

Detox tea also contains vitamins and minerals like potassium, calcium, phosphorous and copper which are also good for our health.

So yes they do work to help improve our health.

What is the best detox tea?

There are many detox teas on the market.  Many contain caffeine and other ingredients that cause you to have the runs (diarreah).

We do not recommend a detox tea that can give you a stomach ache or have you too scared to go out because your bowel is out of control.

We recommend red tea and the Red Tea Detox program.  Red tea called Rooibos tea, is a tea that is derived from an African bush.

  1. It contains no caffeine.
  2. The tea is available in most stores and is very simple to prepare.
  3. It also contains essential vitamins and minerals.

There are variations of the detox tea recipe found in the Red Tea Detox program.

Does detox tea help you lose weight?

As the tea is made with water you will find that your belly bloat will lessen as you consume more water.  Red tea does not contain a laxative.

Health benefits of red tea

Red tea contains multiple antioxidants that may help to protect  cells from free radical damage.

Studies have been completed that suggest Rooibos tea can increase the antioxidants level in your body and contribute to better health.

Yes I Need Help!

It is time you consider a detox tea (homemade) like the one found in the red tea detox program?

Preparing a tea is a simple way to start the day or end a busy evening.  It will help your body get rid of the toxins

  1. Increase your water intake naturally
  2. Help you get rid of your bloated belly
  3. Promote better health

If you lead a busy lifestyle you can still take charge of your expanding waist line and bad eating habits.  

There is no need to let a busy lifestyle stop you from starting on you journey to better health.

A homemade detox tea can take only 5 minutes to prepare but the benefits to your health and well being will be long term.

Homemade Detox Tea Recipes and more info here.